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List of passwords-kcpe past papers

List of passwords - KCPE past papers

Primary passwords


pre-primary,"    c8@c

STD 1"

Kiswahili,"    pR*W
English,"        d!nP
Social Studies,"    K;2Z
Math,"        q6BA
Science ,"        xh9_

STD 2"

Kiswahili,"    g/Sv
English,"        pcr#
Social Studies,"    ]gDx
Math,"        9i]M
Science ,"        /w/n

STD 3"

Kiswahili,"    iPg+
English,"        EftY
Social Studies,"    ?MFR
Math,"        Dj#(
Science,"         dtHc   

Std 4"

Kiswahili,"    K2kj
English,"        ..Y8
Social Studies,"    hxkL
Math,"        db.U
Science,"         .WRx   

STD 5"

Kiswahili,"    8hN=
English,"        Q!*)
Social Studies,"    4B(t
Math,"        YsZe
Science ,"        k$F_

STD 6"

Kiswahili,"    nGF@
English,"        ;_SQ
Social Studies,"    K2w?
Math,"        sxSk
Science ,"        E@r)

STD 7"

Kiswahili,"    @s#M
English,"        @en=
Social Studies,"    -H8z
Math,"        %8!e
Science ,"        r(Xr

STD 8",

Kiswahili,"    @X[w
English,"        gxZ=
Social Studies,"    zrkK
Math,"        XFMA
Science ,"  RZ[{

KCPE 2013 all subjects"

all subjects,"                        =$$3