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English Standard 4 - Sample papers

Read this story and write the correct word to fill the blank spaces

Mary as well as Jane each __1__ a beans garden. They planted their beans at the same __2__. They __3__ watered their crops for one whole week. And all their beans germinated very well. But after one week, Mary __4__ watering her beans. Therefore all of __5__ beans dried up. When she came after two months she was very __6__ to see her garden bare. She had to plant some more beans once __7__.


A>    Had

B>    Once

C>    Has

D>    Have


A>    Garden

B>    Time

C>    Place

D>    seed


A>    One

B>    Together

C>    Them

D>    Both


A>    Started

B>    Stopped

C>    Went

D>    Wanted


A>    Her

B>    My

C>    Their

D>    Our


A>    Pleased

B>    Happy

C>    Sorry

D>    Ready


A>    Only

B>    Twice

C>    There

D>    Again

One __8__ morning as I __9__ shivering walking __10__ a path to the toilet, I __11__ a big snake chasing a rat. The rat was looking for __12__ to hide, but __13__ couldn’t find. After __14__ seconds, I __15__ a helpless lsound from the rat.


A>    Cold

B>    Hot

C>    Early

D>    Bright


A>    Were

B>    Am

C>    Was

D>    When


A>    A long

B>    In

C>    Toward

D>    By


A>    See

B>    Saw

C>    Sensed

D>    Here


A>    Anywhere

B>    Everywhere

C>    Somewhere

D>    Whenever


A>    It

B>    They

C>    She

D>    He


A>    A few

B>    Many

C>    A lot

D>    More


A>    Saw

B>    Heard

C>    Witnessed

D>    Here

Choose the correct word to fill the blank spaces

16.   My brother _______ to be a policeman everyday

A>    Pretends

B>    Pretended

C>    Pretence

D>    Pretending

17.   Your cow ________ our maize in the field yesterday

A>    Ate

B>    Eat

C>    Eating

D>    eats

18.   the teacher __________ on the blackboard yesterday

A>    writing

B>    writes

C>    write

D>    wrote

19.   Wanjiru ______ to bed after supper

A>    Go

B>    Goes

C>    Went

D>    Going

Choose the correct tense for the word in brackets to fill the blank spaces.

20.   Wacera ________ to school late everyday (come)

A>    Come

B>    Comes

C>    Coming

D>    came

21.   yesterday Maina _______ gone to the market (has)

A>    have

B>    has

C>    had

D>    hard

22.   the thief was ________ by the people (beat)

A>    beat

B>    beaten

C>    beated

D>    beating

23.   Mr. Thiga ________ the fruits this morning (buy)

A>    Buys

B>    Buyed

C>    Bought

D>    Buy

Choose the odd word out


A>    Bread

B>    Biscuits

C>    Ice-cream

D>    Chapati


A>    School

B>    Hospital

C>    Home

D>    Aeroplane


A>    Maize

B>    Milk

C>    Wheat

D>    Rice


A>    Thumb

B>    Elbow

C>    Knee

D>    Wrist    

Choose the correct word to stand for the group of words

28.   A group of cattle

A>    Flock

B>    Herd

C>    Gang

D>    Army

29.   A group of singers

A>    Choir

B>    Gang

C>    Chorus

D>    Swarm

30.   To get ready

A>    Reading

B>    Start

C>    Prepare

D>    Proper 

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Fill the correct question tag

Example: Kamau is a good boy. _isn’t he

1.       Jane is a clever girl ________

A>    She is

B>    Is she

C>    She isn’t

D>    Isn’t she

2.       They are ready

A>    Aren’t they

B>    Are they

C>    They are

D>    Are they

3.       It was eating

A>    Isn’t it

B>    It was

C>    Was it

D>    Wasn’t it

Fill the correct article in the blank space

4.       ______ orange is a fruit

A>    A

B>    The

C>    an

D>    girl

5.       Atieno was _____ winner in the race

A>    The

B>    A

C>    An

D>    girl

6.       the pilot was _______ careful man

A>    very

B>    a

C>    the

D>    an

Arranging the words in alphabetical order

7.       which word comes second?

A>    Mary

B>    Rhoda

C>    Anna

D>    Grace

8.       Which word comes last?

A>    Luke

B>    Sunday

C>    Samuel

D>    John

Which is the opposite of the underlined word

9.       The dress is very beautiful

A>    Dirty

B>    Ugly

C>    Dull

D>    Handsome

10.   Wanja wants to buy a bicycle

A>    Cost

B>    Bought

C>    Sell

D>    Sold

11.   I wanted some dirty water

A>    Clear

B>    Clean

C>    Dirt

D>    Ugly

12.   My nephew came home yesterday

A>    Brother

B>    Aunt

C>    Uncle

D>    Niece

Arrange these letters to make a correct word

13.   Setargn

A>    Tarengs

B>    Nartengs

C>    Satreng

D>    Strange

14.   Aliman

A>    Laiman

B>    Naimal

C>    Nalima

D>    Animal

15.   Dearplo

A>    Leopard

B>    Pardleo

C>    Lepardo

D>    Dolepar

Read the story below carefully and answer questions 46-50

Once there was a parrot. His name was Joy. He was staying on a mango tree, where he had made a nice nest. Joy was an intelligent and lonely parrot. He had a sheet voice. It was a great pleasure to hear him singing.

During the summer, one day he was very thirsty. He flew around in that area in search of water but unfortunately he could not find water anywhere.

16.   The parrot was called _________

A>    Joyce

B>    Joy

C>    Joi

D>    Joe

17.   He lived on a ______________

A>    Mango tree

B>    Coconut

C>    Palm

D>    Banana tree

18.   He was intelligent and ________

A>    Loving

B>    Lonely

C>    Bad

D>    Dull

19.   He had a sweet _________

A>    Hair

B>    Noise

C>    Beak

D>    Voice

20.   Another word that can be used to mean the same as the word pleasure is:-

A>    Kind

B>    Selfish

C>    Joy

D>    Angry


1.       A

2.       B

3.       B

4.       B

5.       A

6.       C

7.       D

8.       C

9.       A

10.   B

11.   B

12.   C

13.   A

14.   A

15.   B

16.   A

17.   A

18.   D

19.   C

20.   B

21.   B

22.   B

23.   C

24.   C

25.   D

26.   B

27.   C

28.   B

29.   A

30.   C

31.   D

32.   A

33.   D

34.   C

35.   A

36.   A

37.   D

38.   B

39.   B

40.   C

41.   B

42.   D

43.   D

44.   D

45.   A

46.   B

47.   A

48.   B

49.   D

50.   C

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