Standard 8 (STD) Math Syllabus

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1.     Numbers

 1.2        Content

 1.2.1      Place value and total value

 1.2.2      Reading and Writing numbers in symbols and in word

 1.2.3      Squares and Square roots

 1.2.4      Conversions of fractions to decimals and vice versa

 1.2.5      Conversions of fractions to percentages and vice versa

 1.2.6      Conversions of Decimals to percentages and vice versa

2.    Operations on numbers

2.2         Content

2.2.1      Operations involving whole numbers

2.2.2     Operations involving fractions

2.2.3      Operations involving decimals

2.2.4     Combined operations

2.2.5      Percentage increase and decrease

2.2.6     Number sequence.


a)      Order of operations should involve only two operations at a time

b)      Operations involving negative numbers should be avoided

3.     Measurement

3.2          Content

3.2.1      Working out problems involving conversation of units of length

3.2.2      Working out problems involving perimeter and circumference

3.2.3      Area of triangles, Quadrilaterals, circles, combined shapes and borders

3.2.4      Surface area of cubes, cuboids, and cylinders

3.2.5      Volume of cubes, cuboids, cylinders and triangular prisms

3.2.6      Capacity of cubes, cuboids and cylinders

3.2.7      Conversion of units of capacity to units of volume and vice versa.

3.2.8      Working out problems involving conversation of units of mass

3.2.9      Profit and loss

3.2.10   Percentage profit and loss

3.2.11    Bills

3.2.12   Commissions and Percentage Commissions

3.2.13    Discount an d percentage discount

3.2.14   Hire Purchase

3.2.15    Simple interest

3.2.16   Compound interest

3.2.17    Postal charges

3.2.18   Time, Speed, Distance and average speed

3.2.19   Temperature in degrees Celsius

4.    Geometry

4.2         Content

4.2.1      Constructing triangles

4.2.2     Perpendicular from a point to a line

4.2.3      Constructing circles

4.2.4     Pythagorean relationships 3-4-5, 5-12-13 and 7-24-25

4.2.5      Constructing parallelograms and rhombuses

4.2.6     Working out problems involving quadrilaterals

4.2.7      Faces, edges and vertices of triangular and square based pyramids and prisms

4.2.8     Nets of triangular and square based pyramids and prisms.

4.2.9     Curved patterns using straight lines.

4.2.10   marking patterns using quadrilaterals, triangles and circles

5.     Algebra

5.2          Content

5.2.1      Algebraic expressions

5.2.2      Value of algebraic expressions

5.2.3      Equations in one unknown

5.2.4      Simplifying inequalities in one unknown

6.    Tables and Graphs

6.2         Content

6.2.1      Drawing tables and graphs

6.2.2     Interpreting tables and graphs

6.2.3      Median as middle value in a set of ordered data

6.2.4     Working out problems involving mean, mode and median

7.     Scale Drawing

7.2          Content

7.2.1      Reading and interpreting diagrams

7.2.2      Making scale drawings

7.2.3      Working out problems involving scale drawings

8.    Ratio and proportion

8.2         Content

8.2.1      Comparison using ratio

8.2.2     Sharing using ratio

8.2.3      Increasing and decreasing quantities using ratio

8.2.4                    Simple direct and indirect proportions

9         Assessments

a)      Written exercises

b)      Oral exercises

c)      Observation

10     Competencies to be tested

Teachers are advised to take into consideration the following aspects of learning when assessing the pupils work.

a)      Knowledge of mathematical concepts such as perpendicular, divisor, LCM.

b)      Knowledge of specific mathematical facts.

c)      Understanding of general mathematical principles

d)      Application of general mathematical principles.

e)      Interpretation of information contained in charts, graphs and tables.

Note: The aspects (s) to be tested will depend on the content and the level of the learner.

11      Where to find Schemes of Work Mathematics Standard 8

12     Where to find both current and revision papers for mathematics Std 8


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