Std2 Maths Syllabus



1.       Whole numbers

·         Counting

·         Place value

·         Reading and writing numbers

2.       Operations

·         Addition of up to three 3 –digit numbers with one carrying.

·         Addition involving missing numbers

·         Subtraction of up to 3 –digit numbers without borrowing

·         Subtraction involving missing numbers

·         Multiplication as repeated addition

·         Multiplication of single digit by 10

·         Division as equal sharing

·         Number patterns in addition and subtraction


i.            Develop the multiplication and division signs

ii.            For number patterns use simple sequences involving basic addition and subtraction facts.

3.       Measurement

·         The metre as a standard unit

·         Measuring length using the metre

·         Measuring mass using arbitrary and fixed unit

·         Measuring capacity using arbitrary and fixed unit

·         Kenya currency notes and coins

·         Addition and subtraction involving shillings and cents

·         Shopping activities involving change and balance

·         Days of the week and months of the year

·         Time by the hour

4.       Geometry

·         Rectangles, squares, triangles, circles and ovals

·         Tracing and modeling shapes

·         Patterns

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Dec 28, 2014, 2:36 AM