Std3 Maths Syllabus

Std3 (standard 3) mathematics (math) syllabus for KCPE


1.       Whole numbers

1.1.    Counting

1.2.    Place value

1.3.    Reading and writing numbers in words

1.4.    Reading and writing numbers in symbols

1.5.    Ordinal numbers

2.       Fractions

2.1.    Fraction as part of whole

2.2.    Fraction as part of group

3.       Operations

3.1.    Whole numbers

3.1.1. Addition of up to three 3 –digit numbers

3.1.2. Addition of up to two 4 –digit numbers

3.1.3. Subtraction of up to 4 –digit numbers

3.1.4. Multiplication of 2 single digit numbers

3.1.5. Division as equal sharing and as repeated subtraction

3.1.6. Division of up to 2 –digit numbers by single digit numbers

3.1.7. Relationship between multiplication and division

3.1.8. Number patterns in addition, subtraction and multiplication


         i.            Basic multiplication facts involve multiplication of

I –digit number by

I –digit number up to 9 x 9

       ii.            For number patterns, use simple sequences involving basic addition, subtraction and multiplication facts

4.       Fractions

4.1.    Addition and subtraction involving fractions

5.       Measurement

5.1.    Length in metres

5.2.    Addition and subtraction involving length in metres

5.3.    Multiplication and division involving length in metres


Division involving length in metres should be restricted to basic facts related to multiplication

6.       Mass

6.1.    Kilogram as a standard unit of measuring mass

6.2.    Measuring mass in Kilograms

7.       Capacity

7.1.    Litre and half litre

7.2.    Measuring capacity

7.3.    Addition and subtraction involving litres and half litres

8.       Money

8.1.    Shopping activities involving change and balance

8.2.    Addition and subtraction involving money

8.3.    Multiplication and division involving money


Division to involving basic multiplication facts

9.       Time

9.1.    Conversion of days into weeks and vice versa

9.2.    Addition and subtraction involving time

9.3.    Reading, writing and telling time


Develop the language of telling time using ‘past’ and ‘to’ the hour

10.   Geometry

10.1.Making patterns involving different shapes

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