How to minimize costs on printing

posted Mar 30, 2014, 5:47 AM by Maurice Nyamoti   [ updated Jan 20, 2015, 1:19 AM ]

How to minimize costs on printing

How to minimize costs on printing

While using our papers, you may be forced to use extra expenses on printing. However printing has been made exclusively expensive by opportunists who take advantage of the scarcity of printers to extort revenue from unsuspecting Kenyans. Printing can be as cheap as Ksh 1/= per page which is black and white or just Ksh 2/= depending how remote that area is. A colored printout should go between Ksh 10/= to Ksh 20/= but this depends on the quality of the printout. This is an extra cost, isn’t it? And that is why I give you options to choose from even though I may not be enlightened to all printers available in Kenya. But first, I will divide this into Heavy users and small users.

For Heavy Users

1.    Get yourself a powerful photocopier

·         It’s cheaper than an offset printer, however the cost of maintenance is discouraging this makes this method the most expensive means of mass production. It’s recommended for papers below 100 however you also need a small printer to produce original copies for production. You need almost Ksh 50000 – 150000 to get started

2.    Consider purchasing an off-set printer

·         It’s very expensive to buy. But, no matter how expensive it is, if your school is capable- this printer is very productive and the best to produce mass papers. The more you produce, the cheaper the cost and Ink is also very cheap. The discouraging part is the initial cost of this printer that ranges from Kshs 160,000/= to Ksh 2million. This is that machine people use to publish books and news papers within seconds. And also require a big space and multiple copies. Not recommended for papers below 100 copies. Click on the links below to read more about the offset printers


For Small Users

1.    It’s as simple as getting your own printer. But Why?

·         They are very cheap nowadays From Ksh 5000/= you have a brand new HP 1510 or HP 1515 for personal and small office use. But not for a school because it cannot handle more than 100 papers in a day or big tasks.

·         There are four inked primary colors and six inked colored printers both vary in prices. Buying a printer should match with the needs and what you want to use this printer for multi-use consider a six colored pigment. But for only revision papers for home or office use, go for HP 1510 or 1515 or Epson SX125.

·         Their inks are also cheap with Ksh 1200 a set that can last as your usage would look efficient.

·         These two methods can help you avoid exploitation from extremists and economic thuggery.


·         Understand your needs before you buy a printer

·         Make sure there are ‘fundis’ for the printer near your home

·         Be certain which ink the printer uses and availability

·         Understand the capacity of the printer

·         Quality of printing and

·         Size it takes while using

Mobile Phone Printing

                If you don’t own a personal computer,

·         Am not MAD when I tell you to print from your Android powered phone. And this is how:

                                      i.        Get yourself a HP DeskJet 460 series mobile printer ($ 293/= equiv Kshs 25,378.95) or any other Wi-Fi powered printer

                                     ii.        Download print share application from Google play for Android or Apple store for iphone/ipad check here

                                    iii.        Install and configure the application on your your phone to be ready to print

                                    iv.        Set the Wi-Fi device on and send your work to the printer.

                                     v.        Collect your papers after printing