How to plan your April Holiday as a KCPE/KCSE Candidate

posted Apr 6, 2014, 12:33 AM by Maurice Nyamoti   [ updated Mar 13, 2015, 10:42 AM ]

How to plan your April Holiday as a KCPE/KCSE Candidate

How to plan your April Holiday as a Candidate

april holidays
Holidays come and go but people, objectives, dreams and targets still live on. As you go for this April holiday, you need to ask yourself these useful questions:
  1. What is a holiday anyway?
  2. How long is this holiday?
  3. How do I use this holiday to my maximum advantage?
  4. How do I create a difference from the previous holidays?
  5. Where will I hang out to? Does this place add value to my dreams?
  6. What do I need to do in order to balance between education, social and spiritual
  7. How am I a role model to my young brothers, sisters and other people around me, and how do I maintain my status of being  a role model to them.
  8. Have I ever analyzed my school grades? If yes? How do I make the best out of it?
  9. Who are my best friends to hang out with? What value do they add into my life?
  10. What do my parents, friends, and family think about me? What can I do to avoid embarrassing them from what they have entrusted me upon?

Pr-plan your holiday

Before your holiday starts, plan how to spend it. As a candidate, you need to maintain your momentum from school by drawing your calendar. Try these tips:

    1. Start by analyzing your grades. Then make a balanced timetable that will accommodate the following:

a)      Give more time for those subjects poorly performed

b)      Give mathematics and sciences more time also

c)       Balance your timetable to avoid skipping on other subjects

d)      Work on your booster subjects. They are equally important as others

e)      Schedule your timetable to feature both in the morning, evening and at night however give mornings more time.

f)       Consult your parent for a possible holiday tuition on subjects that your are performing poorly

g)      Access as many revision papers as you can. Chances are that you may get the same questions on the final paper. (access free papers

h)      Assess your situation. Whether you are improving or not. And if you are recording a negative parameter, put measures in place by investing yourself on what you are doing wrong and need to rectify. (self evaluation formula)

i)        Form an academic discussion group especially between 3-5 P.M

j)        Take a nap after lunch. You need rest. After all you are a human being

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  1. Let your parents understand that you are a candidate and need more time than before on your studies
  2. Don’t over react on reading. If it’s a reading that you don’t enjoy. STOP IT! Take it into a discussion group or approach it scientifically with the aid of your circles (friends/family)
  3. Limit your time with friends and number of trips you normally go out. You will have enough time next year to hang out.
  4. Make a personalized timetable and let your family know about it and respect it.
  5. You need enough rest- get it on weekends- just enough to refresh on the coming week
  6. Avoid adultery behavior like sex and falling into an imaginary love or weird inter- relationships that can distract your program- there is enough time in future, live your age- never behave like a 35 years old if you are 17-18yrs or 13-14yrs. Understand your objectives and dreams
  7. Help your parents in doing house cores as part of exercise but not at the expense of your studies. Let them understand
  8. Keep off drugs. They alter your reasoning capacity and waste your precious time.
  9. Laugh more often, create peace and harmony around yourself, watch your favourite TV show/ music, play with your young brothers and sisters, visit an orphanage home, hospital or poor homesteads, learn to forgive and forget. Compare your experience with your comrades and copy the best from them. But the most important of all:

Always pray to God. He is the giver and the taker, the protector and the creator.

By: Maurice Nyamoti