How to get rid of those Virus from the Computer Lab.

posted Feb 9, 2014, 2:04 AM by Maurice Nyamoti   [ updated Feb 13, 2016, 9:22 PM ]

Computer files should be shared not sent here is how


Sometime last year, a virus was discovered in our computer Lab, call it a Trojan, a worm name them but it was a dangerous program.reason: no antivirus  could not only recognize it but you see you cannot remove what you cannot see. Our computers are protected with Kaspersky anti virus however no matter how mighty this name is, solution were not near to be fetched. I tried to study the virus and found out the following features.
it was a .vbs (scripting) virus
  • it attacks anything that uses USB to read and write- more often the memory card and a flash disk
  • It attaches itself into the memory attributes then makes any file in that memory a shortcut, hides actual files including itself. Try to remove it, it comes back with a bang! as if nothing had happened
  • I tried to scan the computers with Kaspersky and other USB anti viruses but all in vain.
  • I continued and never gave up until i noticed something extraordinarily in my PC that was also infected due to shared use of flash-disks
  • I changed my Karspesky settings to enable protection automatically and did updating the database online something I never did before for fear of losing my bundles to something I never recognized as important.
  • Suddenly, after the update, all virus that were within my flash-disk disappeared.

Lessons that I learnt

  • Viruses can make you lose very important information- upon discovering, act very fast
  • When you do Anti-virus updates, the anti-virus program will report back those viruses that have become defiant to remove thus triggering important updating attributes that will make a very big progress. Keep updating your anti-virus almost daily. Up to date I prefer Kaspersky
  • Synchronize all flash disks and memory cards before allowing them to be used in the computer lab. USB virus are very easy to contract and are also very dangerous
  • Press your school administration very hard when it comes to data security issues 
  • Never give up! seek answers and you will find
  • Did you know that a computer virus can enter into your computer collect information like your passwords, credit card numbers, and any other important information and reports back to the owner? they are called spywares and malwares. They can also spy your partners phone calls and SMS without his/her consent but that is a story of another day.
Created by Maurice Nyamoti @manyamfranchise