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KCSE marking is as old as KCSE itself thousands of pupils participate in this exam every year to scramble for few places available in their advancement to colleges and technical institutes. Credible or no credible, we are made to feel that the entire process was done fairly and that we must accept results as they come. Many people have been questioning the credibility of the marking process but the final say lies with KNEC which administers the setting and marking of this exams. However marking of exams has its own challenges as i came to find out after examining an examiner who has been marking these exams for the last eight years or so.

Marking Process Sequence

Upon reporting at the marking center, Teachers take a whole week to master on what questions they are marking. First, they will be given those papers to attempt just as students do, and you will be shocked at the outcome of their results since some of them may score below average and majority score with an average of a B-. But that does not mean that teachers are incompetent yet, they then scrap or modify the current marking scheme and make a new marking scheme based on input viewed as possible answers before they master the scheme. One teacher cannot actually mark all questions on the paper but they specialize on each question. example: Teacher x can specialize in marking English paper 3 question 1, teacher y will specialize in question 2 and teacher w in question 3, after marking, their supervisor will take sample papers and remark them to test the integrity of the marking process. In most cases, the supervisor's mark and teachers mark vary with an error of +-3 but anything above that will trigger a remark of the entire script. Scripts from Harambee and District schools are the ones to test the ink on papers with National and provincial(now county schools) schools getting their turn in the mid of the process when teachers have mastered the marking scheme fully and private schools coming on in the last minutes. However most of these private school's papers are marked by supervisors to avoid negative bias and influence from anti-private school teachers.

Being in a small school in ranking or a private school can negatively influence your results according to the examiner. This is because most examiners don't mark these papers with the urgency required. Most papers from these schools are either unanswered or with irrelevant contents thus, if you are a bright student in their midst, you may unfairly face the axe of being in a small school. To avoid this, register using the KNEC rules and regulations to the latter. If you are a repeater, indicate that you are one, registration also purports the ascendency of index numbers based on performance in class. e.g Bright students should feature in first positions in the order of their performance, you stand to lose if you are a bright student featuring among last students unless you are a repeater. This consequences have nothing to do with KNEC, however its the tendency by examiners who assume that every candidate in these schools answers questions incompetently.

Big public schools takes a different perspective all together, here, marking gathers momentum and examiners become under pressure to deliver, competition is unrivaled and small mistakes may trigger several remarks thus the examiner loses some revenue.  Cheating is very difficult as it is easy to discover since necessary steps are followed to identify any cheating. Gradual increase in the school's performance triggers suspicion in most cases and a huge increase in performance may mistakenly be interpreted as cheating. According to the examiner, its very difficult for a school to record abnormal growths and if any is detected, further scrutiny is carried to determine whether cheating was done. Most provincial and National schools are the toughest papers to mark since competition is very high and a small mistake in marking can prompt a remark of  the entire scripts or too much pressure from the supervisor to match your grades to the laid patterns. If for example school A led french in the whole country the previous year incomparable to this year, examiners will be forced to revisit the papers over and over again without payment. This is how marking is carried out. stay tuned for the more stories from our schools.

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