How to make that B to be A, C to be B, D to be C and E to be D KCSE and KCPE

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How to make that B to be A, C to be B, D to be C and E to be D KCSE and KCPE

How to make that B to be A, C to be B, D to be C and E to be D

You don’t need a miracle to improve your grade simply because no human has ever reached his/her peak and that; When you talk about failure- this word is imaginary and only exists around foolish minds. Its failure in your instincts that triggers failure in your actions never think of failure if you don’t have dreams- yes dreams.

All successful people who lived and still live had or have had dreams. When a dream fails, that is not failure rather it’s the beginning of another dream. Don’t dream a dream with borders around it. Dreams are imaginary because failure or success only lives in the dreamer’s mind. The fear of failure is an enemy of success since failure is a step towards success. If you have been successful all the time: it’s in failure that will weigh whether you are indeed a winning machine or not.

Making your grade count revolves around as an individual and if you approach your issues scientifically, the better. Performance works hand in hand with hard work, patience, consistence, accountability, approach, tips, experience and self belief don’t forget self esteem.

Exam is not a measurement of failure; exam is a measurement of levels- Knowledge level, preparation level and other resources.

Finally, here are tips to help you improve your grade, and if it didn’t work in your favor, there is no need of committing suicide. Your current results are your starting point. Make a decision faster and better and you are okay. When one opportunity door closes, God always opens another for plan B


1.       Have a dream and work towards achieving your dreams. 

2.       Be patient: develop both long term and short term goals and follow them to the latter. Set you priorities rights i.e. don’t wait for Mrs. xyz to finish the syllabus when you can as well do it with the company of your classmates. Teamwork wins trophies, people win events

3.       Encourage one another- Encouragement is like a lubricant, when your motives are too low, seek companionship from friends, teachers, relatives and make peace with the environment

4.       Revise your past papers and highlight your mistakes with the help of your subject teacher. Teachers understand what you don’t, they have experience and are employed to help you succeed, and distancing yourself from them is a suicidal affair. No matter how harsh he/she may appear, use your teachers efficiently to your advantage.

5.       Familiarize with keywords- words like state, explain, compute, calculate, differentiate, elaborate, give, explain et cetera. These are the words that deny you 33% of every exam you pursue if you are an average or low performer.

6.       Be on the examiner shoes- try to understand what the examiner wants in every question you answer. Don’t haphazardly answer questions with blindness and gimmick. Lose 1 mark and you will never see the inside of a campus

7.       Do more revisions- join as many discussion groups as your limit can take and in every discussion group be active and participate accordingly? This will give your confidence and a gift of mastery-talk- the more senses you use in studying the better the advancement

8.       Be scientific in your approach- try to use scientific methods of study. Example: SQ3R that means – Survey, Question, Read, Recite and Record. When you read any topic, survey the content then question every topic or subtopic you want to read, read what you have questioned and surveyed, recite the content then record in the book with your own words                       

9.       When you sit for any exam, tune your mind positively. Don’t let negative pressure influence your grade. You are up to the task and special in your own world and that is why you are unique.

10.   Every mark Counts. Be efficient when doing examination.

a)      Play defensively- before you concede goals, play defensively that means don’t accept your opponent (exam) to score against you. Before you play your game against exams you are nil-nil. Don’t give exam a chance to score against you hold him and frustrate him by first answering simple questions

b)      When a chance strikes, make that chance a score. Be offensive alternatively when your opponent has been weakened. And score as many goals as you can because they will increase the collective tally of points

c)       Never say die until the last whistle is blown. Don’t down your pen, you have worked for this opportunity for the last 16 years. Take your chances right and aim for a knockout kick- last minute’s goal is very sweet

d)      Approach your opponent with extreme caution. You should know which exams you are pursuing and make a game plan for that exam. Mathematics game plan should not look like CRE game plans, in mathematics, you need killer passes to win the game, congest the midfield with formulae and concepts as in iron hand in CRE you need ball possession (concept) and soft touches to win the match so that you can also go to heaven.

e)      When the game is tense, use mind games to buy confidence- drop your pen on the ground and ask the invigilator to help collect it. Ask yourself why the game is tense and try to find answers and if the answers are not instant- you are not alone in those tense matches you are playing with Real Madrid play hard so that you cannot concede. Avoid fouls (exam cheating) though, you my be booked for that.

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