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4. List of County and District Schools in Kilifi

CODE          SCHOOL NAME                                                                                  TYPE        CATEGORY

04102101   KILIFI TOWNSHIP SECONDARY SCHOOL                                  Boys         County

04102102   CHUMANI SECONDARY SCHOOL                                                Mixed     County

04102103   KATANA NGALA SECONDARY SCHOOL                                   Mixed     District

04102104   MAJAONI SECONDARY SCHOOL                                                 Mixed     District

04102107   ROKA SECONDARY SCHOOL                                                         Mixed     District

04102112   NGERENYA MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL                                Mixed     District

04102114   ST. THOMAS GIRLS' SEC                                                                  Girls         District

04102115   UYOMBO GIRLS' SEC                                                                        Girls         District

04102116   PWANI SEC/VOCATIONAL SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF             Mixed     District

04102117   MDZONGOLONI HIGH SCHOOL                                                   Mixed     District

04102201   MUSUMARINI SEC.SCHOOL                                                          Mixed     District

04102202   TAKAUNGU SECONDARY SCHOOL                                             Mixed     District

04102204   SHARIANI SECONDARY SCHOOL                                                 Mixed     District

04102209   K.P. SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL                                            Mixed     District

04102211   JUNJU SEC                                                                                           Mixed     District

04102212   MNARANI SEC                                                                                   Mixed     District

04102218   ST JOSEPH HOUSE OF HOPE SECONDARY SCHOOL              Mixed     District

04102301   LUTSANGANI SECONDARY SCHOOL                                          Mixed     County

04102302   ST. TERESA'S SECONDARY SCHOOL                                           Mixed     District

04102303   DZITSONI SECCONDARY                                                                Mixed     District

04102304   PAUL HARRIS HIGH SCHOOL                                                         Mixed     District

04102305   CHASIMBA MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL                                Mixed     District

04102306   DINDIRI SEC                                                                                        Mixed     District

04102307   BUNDACHO SECONDARY SCHOOL                                             Mixed     District

04102308   MWARAKAYA SECONDARY SCHOOL                                         Mixed     District

04102309   KATIKIRIENI SECONDARY SCHOOL                                            Mixed     District

04107101   MALINDI HIGH SCHOOL                                                                 Boys         County

04107102   GEDE SECONDARY SCHOOL                                                          Boys         District

04107103   JILORE HIGH SCHOOL                                                                      Mixed     District

04107104   BARANI SECONDARY SCHOOL                                                     Mixed     District

04107105   NGALA MEMORIAL GIRLS' SECONDARY SCHOOL                 Girls         County

04107107   KAKONENI  GIRLS  SECONDARY  SCHOOL                               Girls         District

04107108   KAKUYUNI BOYS SECONDARY SCHOOL                                    Boys         District


04107120   F B TUVA MEMORIAL SECONDARY  SCHOOL                          Mixed     District

04107121   MEKATILILI MEMORIAL                                                                  Mixed     District

04107122   KIBOKONI SECONDARY SCHOOL                                                Mixed     District

04107124   LANGOBAYA SECONDARY SCHOOL                                           Mixed     District

04107127   MENYHART SECONDARY SCHOOL                                              Mixed     District

04107128   MUYEYE SECONDARY SCHOOL                                                    Mixed     District

04107129   MBARAKACHEMBE SECONDARY SCHOOL                               Mixed     District

04107131   KIJIWETANGA SEC SCH                                                                   Mixed     District

04107132   GANDA SECONDARY SCHOOL                                                     Mixed     District

04107134   MIDA SECONDARY SCHOOL                                                         Mixed     District

04111011   MIYANI SECONDARY SCHOOL                                                     Mixed     District

04111019   KINANI SECONDARY SCHOOL                                                      Mixed     District

04111101   ST.GEORGE'S HIGH SCHOOL                                                         Boys         County

04111102   ST JOHNS GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL.                                    Girls         County

04111103   MARIAKANI SECONDARY SCHOOL                                            Boys         County

04111104   MAANDANI SECONDARY SCHOOL                                             Mixed     District

04111105   CHANAGANDE SECONDARY SCHOOL                                       Mixed     District

04111106   KIZURINI SECONDARY SCHOOL                                                   Mixed     District

04111107   NGALA MEMORIAL SECONDARY SCHOOL                               Mixed     District

04111108   MOI KADZONZO GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL                       Girls         County

04111112   TSANGATSINI MIXED DAY SECONDARY SCHOOL                 Mixed     District

04111113   KINARANI SECONDARY SCHOOL                                                Mixed     District

04111116   TSAGWA SEC                                                                                      Mixed     District

04111117   MWARENI SEC                                                                                   Mixed     District

04111118   MWIJO SEC                                                                                         Mixed     District

04116101   GANZE BOYS SECONDARY SCHOOL                                           Boys         County

04116102   JARIBUNI SECONDARY SCHOOL                                                  Mixed     County

04116103   GANZE GIRLS SECONDARY  SCHOOL                                         Girls         County

04116104   PALAKUMI SEC                                                                                  Mixed     District

04116105   MAYOWE SECONDARY SCHOOL                                                 Mixed     District

04116106   VYAMBANI SECONDARY SCHOOL                                              Mixed     District

04116107   PETANGUO SECONDARY SCHOOL                                              Mixed     District

04116201   GODOMA SECONDARY SCHOOL                                                 Mixed     County

04116202   MITANGANI SECONDARY SCHOOL                                            Mixed     District

04116203   JILA SECONDARY SCHOOL                                                             Mixed     District

04116204   BANDARI SECONDARY SCHOOL                                                  Mixed     District

04116301   VITENGENI BAPTIST SEC.SCHOOL                                              Mixed     District

04116302   SOKOKE SEC.SCHOOL                                                                     Boys         County

04116303   MWANGEA GIRLS' SECONDARY SCHOOL                                Girls         District

04116304   BALE SECONDARY SCHOOL                                                           Mixed     District

04116305   KACHORORONI SEC                                                                         Mixed     District

04116306   SHANGWENI SEC                                                                              Mixed     District

04116307   MAGOGONI SECONDARY SCHOOL                                            Mixed     District

04119101   GALANA SECONDARY SCHOOL                                                   Mixed     District

04119105   MAPIMO GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL                                      Girls         District

04119106   MARERENI SECONDARY                                                                 Mixed     District

04119107   MAJENJENI SECONDARY SCHOOL                                              Mixed     District

04119108   NGOMENI SECONDARY SCHOOL                                                Mixed     District

04119109   FUNDU - ISSA SECONDARY SCHOOL                                         Mixed     District

04119110   MAGARINI HILL SECONDARY SCHOOL                                      Mixed     District

04119201   MARAFA SECONDARY SCHOOL                                                   Mixed     District

04119202   MAGARINI SECONDARY SCHOOL                                               Mixed     District

04119203   ADU SECONDARY SCHOOL                                                            Mixed     District

04119204   SHUJAA MEKATILILI SECONDARY SCHOOL                             Mixed     District

04119205   GARASHI SECONDARY SCHOOL                                                  Mixed     District

04119206   RAMADA MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL                                    Mixed     District

04122102   DR. KRAPF MEMORIAL SECONDARY SCHOOL                        Boys         County

04122103   KOMBENI GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL                                     Girls         County

04122104   KASIDI SECONDARY SCHOOL                                                       Mixed     District

04122105   RIBE GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL                                               Girls         County

04122106   KAMBE SECONDARY SCHOOL                                                      Mixed     District

04122107   RABAI SECONDARY SCHOOL                                                        Mixed     District

04122108   CHANG'OMBE SECONDARY SCHOOL                                        Mixed     District

04122109   BOFU SEC                                                                                             Mixed     District

04122110   KAJIWE SEC                                                                                         Mixed     District

04122111   MIKAHANI SEC                                                                                  Mixed     District

04122112   JIMBA SECONDARY SCHOOL                                                        Mixed     District

04122113   REV CANON KURI MEMORIAL SECONDARY SCHOOL          Mixed     District

04122114   MBARARANI SECONDARY SCHOOL                                           Mixed     District

04122115   DR. KRAPF MEMORIAL SECONDARY SCHOOL                        Boys         District