KCSE and KCPE 2016 - Wishing all Candidates all the best all the time

posted Oct 27, 2016, 10:33 PM by Maurice Nyamoti   [ updated Oct 27, 2016, 10:40 PM ]

Our kcse and kcpe past papers and other resources normally make a big difference

The examinations are here, our candidates are going for it; Did you do your part? 
Kcse and Kcpe examinations are nothing new in Kenya and millions have done and passed. What candidates need to do now is get composed in examinations environment and do what is necessary, then seek what can be done as they finally pursue the impossible.

Here are tips to get you composed hours before kcse/kcpe exams

  1. Convince yourself that you are a success (this prepares your mindset to be ready for exams)
  2. A few minutes before exams, scan through your short notes and highlight key points, also focus on headings and subheadings
  3. Listen to yourself (your creative memory is trying to communicate to you that you are invincible - give it a positive environment) Note that what the mind of a person can conceive, it can achieve
  4. In sciences [especially] make group discussions and try to express yourselves openly - this has worked so well with a lot of people
  5. Remember that education is not a matter of life or death. Do your examinations while in relaxed mood. Give it your best and Let God do the rest

What you need to avoid during examinations

  1. Avoid stress. causes of stress include:
    1. feeding your mind with negative thoughts
    2. expecting and relying on leakages which don't exist and any other type of shortcuts and corruption related activities
    3. pressure from people around your circles. This is your exam, not their exam
    4. Last minute rushes
    5. poor preparations
    6. panicking
    7. Strong bad believes [sect like] that don't give your creative memory some peace to think
  2. Avoid bad meals and taking meals hurriedly
  3. Avoid thinking of your bad past
  4. avoid hating, quarreling, bad attitude, misguided reactions and replace this with peace, love, harmony and confidence
  5. Avoid meeting pessimists and broken hearted people before exams, they may hurt your morale
Manyamfranchise.com & atikaschool.com group wishes all kcse and kcpe candidate all the best in the forthcoming examinations
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