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Who are we?

Manyamfranchise.com is an online based firm that supplies students and teachers with academic resources like KCSE past papers, KCPE Past Papers, Mock Papers, Science Projects, Computer Projects, Schemes of Work, Career Guidance, office solutions, kcse and kcpe notes, tutorials, PDF formats and pre mocks   

How we Operate

We have two categories of operations, thus membership plan and non-membership plan.
With membership plan, our clients register as members in a period of either 6 months or one year with a moderate fee. These members then access all our resources without paying anything extra on top of membership fee. They exclusively access password that will help them open papers that they have just downloaded.
there are two types of membership though, that is KCSE Membership that you can extract KCSE past papers resources and KCPE Membership that you can extract primary revision papers, notes and other resources
With non-membership, visitors just download papers papers from our pages and purchase a password which is Ksh 100/= for a set of papers in that subject/ subject paper. Check menu on right

Electronic Books

We have also launched a category where we sort our past papers and develop an electronic book (eBook)- this is a PDF formatted document available to all members from our blog which will be in full operation very soon. These eBooks will be contain with both KCSE past papers based resources and KCPE resources. these will be the most exciting moment for you to enjoy your academic rights. More Details Click Here>>

KCSE Online and KCSE Past Papers

Download our KCSE past papers and other revision resources online that guarantees you a chance to succeed in your examinations. Since 2012 we have been providing revision papers online and helping many more students pass exam as teachers also find it easier to plan for lessons using our well arranged categories of KCSE past papers resources. Our papers are from form 1 to form 4 in all subjects namely: mathematics, English, kiswahili, French, Arabic, Germany, biology, chemistry, physics, general science, CRE, IRE, HRE, history, geography, business studies, agriculture, home science, computer studies, art and design, drawing and design, wood work, metal work, music, power mechanics, electricity, aviation, building and construction. Click here for more>>

KCPE past papers online

Download KCPE past papers online form std 1 up to standard 8 in all subjects namely: mathematics, English, kiswahili, social studies, science, CRE, IRE and HRE. We also provide notes, schemes of work and other relevant resources to the development of Kenyan primary schools curriculum.

Kenya Science Projects

KSEF- Kenya Science and Engineering Fair project guidance to address science projects on rules and regulations. Members can now download science projects ready prepared for presentation on well researched topics to carry. Click Hear to learn more>>

Computer Projects Guidelines

Get guidelines on how to make computer projects, Get computer notes, papers for revision, continuous and random assessment tests, topical questions and answers Learn more- click here


Welcome to our blog that provides office solutions and management strategies, we also provide guidelines on  TSC, KNEC, Ministry of Education, KUPPUT, KNUT and electronic books. If you have a problem like how to register for online exams, visit our blog
click here>>

Other Downloads

We also Provide free downloads namely:


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  • Ayn Rand A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others. Ayn Rand
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